Hello Friend, I believe that cannabis can be a very helpful aspect to some peoples lives and it can bring lots of happiness to their lives. I believe that it can bring lots of health benefits for people, especially those that need help with physical pain and emotional pain too!! I think that cannabis can also help with many other aspects of life such as anxiety and stress. I think it can help people be more happy, calm and peaceful!!

I think people should be allowed to use cannabis for medical use or if they need it. It has many many positive effects and can help a lot of people with a whole range of different illnesses and can even help with the pain of cancer patients when they go through chemotherapy! I know it can be used for fun and be enjoyable in small doses and larger doses! So if used correctly and in the right environment, I think it should be allowed to be used by legal age users!

I believe that cannabis can be a great help for a lot of people in many different ways. I would definitely say that if it is being used for medication or for pleasure in a safe place, I believe it can help people mentally and physically! I definitely think that it can be a great thing for people to use and it is a plant that has so many benefits and amazing properties!!!

I am very glad you asked. I believe that cannabis is a plant that has come from god and I believe that it can be used to help people with certain medical conditions such as anxiety, stress and depression. I think it is a very interesting plant that can be very useful when used properly. I have been using cannabis since I started making music to stay safe, stress free and to help my anxiety. I think that there are many uses for cannabis!

Medicinal cannabis

My personal experience with cannabis is very positive, I feel like it has helped me very much with my insomnia and my anxiety! And also I feel like it allows for people to feel a very powerful emotion of happiness and bliss! And I am a fan of any type of thing that makes people happy, safe and healthy! And I believe everyone should be allowed to decide what they do! But I would caution people to use cannabis in a safe place where there is not a lot of risk or danger! And if you are using cannabis with others, use cannabis with people that you love and feel comfortable with!!!

My opinion on cannabis being legalized in America is very positive because I believe that it should be legalized for all the people who can benefit from it and the different effects that it can have on multiple different people!!! I think it is a wonderful thing when it comes to the medical aspect and it is a great way to reduce pain as well!!! And I also believe that if you have a proper prescription from your doctor, then you should definitely be able to be able to consume it for your own personal use!!!

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